Straphanger’s Wanderings

Originally these were to be whimsical.
Little snippets to generate a laugh.
And while it remains largely true
they are here to amuse you.
Some are products of more serious thought.

  • The Beauty Within - Much is made of life’s blistering pace. Judge only the surface. Get on with the race. Rush madly, think quick, as long as it’s slick. Run as fast as you can – nothing will stick. Take time, look deep, search […]
  • Another Road - Longer shadows, weakened sun, mark season’s change has begun. Summer’s days – all but done. Yet onward creeps this petty pace – this petty race. To stop and stand has no sound base. Another road with another turn leads onto […]
  • Autumn - Earth turns her cheek as the year grows older. Clouds add their blanket – soon days grow colder. The darker sky deepens tones of the earth; water turns slate – sombre shades lacking mirth. Then the sun peaks through the […]
  • To A Bee - Last days of summer, last grains of pollen. Gather stores in before the time’s fallen. Store it deep from the frost. Ensure safekeeping. Close to where; the queen shall lay sleeping. Summer is closing. Warmth fades from the sun. For […]
  • Night - Come the fall of night bid the day adieu. Step careful in the darkness silence and blue. Move softly slow – or better not at all. Now’s the time to think, not to trip and fall. Don’t let the mind […]
  • Morning - Early in the morning, barely awake. Ruffled – aching – to rise is a mistake. Thoughts unformed, legs unsteady, eyes unsure, but the smallest move – would be premature. Move slow like nature, now the day’s begun – like buds […]
  • Reflections - Still water, no wind, not a sound around. Take the time. Let your thoughts become unbound. Underneath there lies a simple world. Tadpoles rest quietly, with their tails uncurled. Is there any reason? Does it have be? That our world […]
  • Harmony - Where there is harmony small things will grow. Zephyrs rustle flowers – pianissimo. Bees dance blossom to blossom in haste. Butterfiles flitter and then linger to taste – nectar before pirouetting to go. Where there is harmony small things will […]
  • Thoughts and Dreams - Swirling – whirling, clouds changing their shape. There! A grim spirit – vanished inside his cape. Clasping a cloud is like holding a dream, like using fingers, to clutch a stream. Yet they can be captured. Cloud-dreams coalesce – to […]
  • June 30th - Ripples of life exciting the water, dart here and there towards every new find. Down to feathers – feathers to dust. Too soon they will settle into Mother Earth’s crust… to emerge as flowers, trees or something quite strange. Life’s […]