Straphanger’s Wanderings

Musings while sitting on a bicycle:

  • Saturday Morning - Solitary rower heading back from market. It’s Saturday. Nowhere to be. Light strain on the oar – feeling the grain of the wood. Drawing in the air on the sea. Riding the tide, heartbeat of the ocean. Steady homeward with […]
  • First Day of Retirement - Oh quiet morning! At last the last week! Now it’s official. I am an antique. No meetings today, no calls to make, no shifting the shiftless, no mindless earache. Today’s plan now I’m thrown out as scrap: Enjoy a good […]
  • Friends - Remember long ago we ran along the beach? The water was so very cold. You found a starfish. I found a crab. We tried to divine all the secrets they hold. We vowed to stay friends no matter what may […]
  • The Peace of a Pine Forest - A fibonacci tangle hoards the light. Creates a space where dreams ignite. Silence ensured by a thick needle bed. Fragrant perfumes fuel the head. Step into the calm, as nature’s guest. Sense the rhythm. Shelter and rest. Feel the peace […]
  • Inside Rainbows - First light. It’s cold, nearly frozen toes. Nothing stirs the quiet, but a pair of crows. It’s dank. Feel old, rueing summer’s close. Empty fields, lifeless brown. Green no longer grows. Seek light! Be bold, push aside the woes. Recapture colour’s […]
  • Along a Lazy River Road - Cycling along the river side, leaning into each twist and turn. Falling into a rhythm. The sun begins to burn. Hearing the leaves, rustle in trees. Those on the ground go crunch. Taste the salt from the sea. Feeling the […]
  • Kaleidoscope Sky - Fifty years of kaliedoscope sky. Aimless days in the life too quickly flowed by. Lucy is gone. No more help from a friend, to fix a hole so the mind can still wend. Pepper marks time from below and above, […]
  • Film Noir - A monochrome mist casting its spell. Receding footsteps after she says, “Farewell.” Black hat waits behind a finger of smoke. She walks towards him while tight’ning her cloak. “It’s better this way,” that is what she’d said. Emptied he turns. […]
  • Tumbling Water - A small spring laughs over a sharp descent. Collects in a pool, its energy spent. Trickles on, more slowly, to meet the sea, to rise as vapour, head landward with glee. To fall as rain to fulfil its intent – […]
  • The Beauty Within - Much is made of life’s blistering pace. Judge only the surface. Get on with the race. Rush madly, think quick, as long as it’s slick. Run as fast as you can – nothing will stick. Take time, look deep, search […]