Eternal Hope Springs

Where honesty prevails (most of the time)

Not much happens in Eternal Hope Springs, an isolated community somewhere deep in Eastern Maine. When they were laying the power lines back in the time the village got bypassed for some reason. There’s no television, no telephone, no electricity to boot. Bob-Ed’s got a battery operated radio that’s mostly used for keeping track of the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. Luther, he’s the farmer, likes to listen to the weather from time to time but seeing how’s his forecasts are far more accurate than the meteorological office’s it’s more for laughs.

The action, if that’s what it can be called, mostly takes place on Bob-Ed’s porch. He runs the community store, charges ten cents for free coffee, and tolerates a lot of nonsense.

The main actors are:

Grady – listens mostly, ask questions now and then and plays guitar some evenings by the stove in Bob-Ed’s.

Pete – has got an opinion, sometimes two or three, on just about everything. Works as a general labourer for anyone who needs a hand.

Broderick T Smothers-Thought – a Boston brahmin. He studied at Bowdoin College, as did his father and his father’s father before him. Upon graduation he turned left, wound up in Eternal Hope Springs and never quite got around to leaving.

Miss Sadie – a fountain of wisdom and calm.

Luther – spends most of his time farming and rarely comes to Bob-Eds except for evenings. Occasionally breaks out his fiddle to accompany Grady.

Pauline – is the town mechanic. If she can’t fix it; it hasn’t been invented yet.

Parson Paul – runs the church and tends to spirituality.

Bob-Ed – spends most of his time inside the store. He’s a bit cantankerous but generally harmless.

Alphonso – Is eighty-five, deaf in one ear and has trouble with the other. His name isn’t really Alphonso, no one’s quite sure what his real name is, but he answers to Alphonso best. Frequently loses his teeth.