…and then another

A writing career, it appears, requires infinite patience or at least a lot of it and the last fourteen months has not uncovered a mother lode of the stuff buried deep within my psyche. However, I have a couple of qualities that nearly make up for it. The first is a staunch refusal to worry about ‘success’ and concentrate solely on writing what feels right and the second is a poor memory. So while progress, where there’s been some, has been far too slow occasionally a little surprise pops up to sparkle the day. One such sparkle arrived in the inbox this morning. A long forgotten submission has gone into print.

States of the Union is a collection of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, artwork and interviews reflecting on the most recent presidential election which, for some reason, has generated a lot of shouting and navel gazing within the United States as well as mild amusement, concern and trepidation around the rest of the world. My contribution is here: If Only He Could which you are welcome to read and possibly enjoy.

With a modicum of luck there may well be a follow up to this post with an even more amazing revelation in the not too distant future. First I need to check on the constitution of a couple of relatives. The shock may be too much for them.