January 27th

img_0896I saw this man along my way, and stopped
to hear, what he might say. I could not grasp
quite what he said; you see this man – he has
no head. With fists clenched tight he wailed and cried: “I am the truth – all others lied. In this
field, a fantastic crowd – and very soon
we’ll settle scores!” I said: “Your sense, is not
clear. You stand alone. There are no cheers.” He
said “You and yours spit lies galore! We’ll cast
thee from our sacred shores!” “Cease.” said I “There
is no need, for you to whinny like a
steed. I am a Marxist, born and bred, and
as our Groucho may have said. ‘Enough with
all this empty lowing. Hello to you,
sad but true, I really must be going.'”