January 6th

fullsizeoutput_3d2Dark clouds may come and dark clouds may pass but,
do nothing – What’s more? – these dark clouds may last.
Each year starts thick with well meaning intents
which crumble to dust – we must pay the rent.
We must stay connected, not be left out,
stay up with false news – each meaningless shout.
Each day does not need see twelve things being
done. Why not calm down? Be happy with one.
Must each daily chore be so compressed? To
be able to watch some cats in a mess?
Is that really true? Surely it’s not. Take
one step each day to chase clouds away and
bring light and warmth to one passing your way.
One step against darkness to pushback the
night. Yes it will take time, patience and pluck –
just one step each day – to regain the light.