December 16th


Migration, asylum nettles the world
or established countries at least.
Citizens grumble, politicians stumble
as they try to control the beast.

But of those that complain, moralise with disdain.
Yes, them that take this dim view.  How many
avoid the uncomfortable history that; their
forebears were immigrants too.

“They are different from us!” comes the
pointed reply “We shall never succumb!”
Alas, it must have slipped from their minds –
the maxim – E Pluribus Unum.

Show me one people where a parents’ goodnight
wish; to their child is demonstrably different.  Show
me one trace in the whole human race where
an ancestor’s not honoured with pride.

There are no differences that can’t be resolved.
We’re all branches from the very same tree.  As
the chap in the picture above once remarked:
“You all look the same to me.”