December 2nd

img_0867Gazing out of the window it’s easy to sight
the sun now comes up a good ways to the right.
Another portent to snatch at in fright?
Or is it simply just a trick of the light?

It’s neither nor is it an omen for worry.
Relax, drink your coffee, be in no hurry.
It’s not a sign that the earth shall soon splinter.
It’s simply an effect of the oncoming winter.

You see we circle the sun at a tilt.  That is
the way this planet was built.  Lean one way
then another is not something new.  Different
angles can provide a more complete view.

For the moment some eyes have closed or look in
but shouting won’t get them to search outwards again.
Only warmth and compassion can drive away cold.
During the oncoming winter it’s best to be bold.