The Pirates Charter

Those of you that have been following this site for a while will have noticed it’s been going under a bit of a make over recently.  Well the refit of the house is, more or less, complete and we are now the proud owners of two small studios, a messy bike shed, a cellar that really needs to be cleaned out, a bedsit and a lovely little garden filled with bees, dragonflies, butterflies, snails, and slugs.  Occasionally we get visits from hummingbird moths.  And, although we’re not entirely sure yet, pixies may be dropping in sporadically.  I diverge.  So anyway we, the royal we, felt it as good a time as any to finally take leave of our senses and embark on the project which we, the literal we, have been preparing for the last three years or so.

For some time there has been, to steal a phrase, a band playing in my head and now seemed like a good time to get to know them.  They come from different times and different places, and sometimes different life forms.  It’s sort of an inter-dimensional collection that has coalesced in the spirt of cooperation, mutual understanding, positive thinking, resourcefulness, liberty, and self-sufficiency.  Oh, and their primary focus in life is to have a good time.  In the archives you can find a rambling narrative of the first time the “royal we” met the band and drafted the Pirates Constitution.  It was, to say the least, an eventful night and fragments of it are still drifting in from the sub conscious.

Apparently once we’d drafted the constitution we settled down and came up with a plan.  The band members have agreed to tell their stories.  They also thought it might be a good idea, in the right conditions, to introduce their music.  So they came up with the idea of a book, a series of recordings and, later on, some shows.  The book will be a series of short stories about the band members, their ancestors (from those that have ancestors), and their adventures once they got together.  The recordings will be Campfire Songs, a mixture of original and time-honoured tunes.  The shows, based around the campfire theme, will be intimate affairs, house concerts, campfire concerts, gatherings where the boundaries between musicians and audience blur and, hopefully, fade away.  The band does not like the image of standing on a stage above a crowd separated by security and fences.

All these ideas are in their infancy.  There is a lot of work to do.  The book and recordings are many many months away.  The immediate plan is to share pre-release versions of the stories and songs through the website as they mature but the format will change.  You see pirates, even metaphysical ones, need provisions.  The ship’s hull does not scrape itself, rigging doesn’t last indefinitely, there are strings to buy, drums to replace… we could go on and on.  That aside all pre-release stories and songs will be available for free.  All you gotta do is sign up to our newsletter.  The newsletter will have the full version of the stories and the songs as well as updates on our misadventures.

In time the book will be released in physical, electronic and audio formats.  The recordings will be laid down in a studio, or captured live, mixed and mastered by professionals.  We’ll need to charge something for these but here’s the deal.  We had two options:

(1)  On the one hand, if our content is good enough, we could hire a publicist who would make the right connections, generate the buzz and make the release a success.  We would pour a lot of money into their pocket and be able to buy, all being well, all the strings we need.  But that money would go into a single pocket that already contains a lot of cash.

(2)  On the other hand we could pledge to donate 15% of the gross sales of the books, all formats, the recordings and any merchandising the pixies come up with to charity.  The initial charity we’ve chosen is Oxfam.  They have an ethos of helping people to help themselves which fits perfectly with The Pirates Creed.  Rather than pouring money into a single pocket that’s already overflowing we prefer to help it into several pockets that truly need it.  In return we would hope for your support.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that we’ve gone for option 2.

As the “royal we” mentioned above there is a lot of work to do.  The first story, the first part of how the parents of horn section met, is going through it’s initial re-write, the music is some way away, and the newsletter format needs to be drafted and tested so there’s nothing to do for the moment.  Things will start moving in a few weeks.  Once they do we hope you will be willing to join us.  It should be fun.

Got an idea have you? Good luck!!

Got an idea have you? Good luck!!