Short Stories

The vision for the book started out as a series of short stories but now that the writing has started we’re not so sure.  The initial drafts of the first couple of chapters have been (more or less) completed and are […]

Campfire Songs

This is, or at some stage will be, a collection of tunes as passed on by the characters from the book.  Some will be original and some will be drawn from the mists of time.

Straphanger’s Wanderings

Originally these were to be whimsical. Little snippets to generate a laugh. And while it remains largely true they are here to amuse you. Some are products of more serious thought.

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Here’s a list of the upcoming events involving Vanishing Pirates

Location When Summary Description
  May 31, 2017 The Bridport Prize  
  June 1, 2017 River Writing  
  September 4, 2017 River Writing